Thursday, December 01, 2011

Momma needs a new bag

I have been a little busier than I let on here, I just am lazy about documenting it.

Always when I can't find what I'm looking for, I get this crazy thought in my head that may-be I can make one!

Several years ago I acquired this cute little sling bag from a girl in Malaysia. It is obviously a mass marketed bag with an oriental design on it, but it has become my favorite bag and I don't want to use it for everyday and wear it out. Especially since I now find carrying a lot of crap around in the heat way too uncomfortable.

So now I need another one, you know how that goes, change things up a bit. After unsuccessfully trolling the flea market my brain went ...Uh Helllloooo.... make one!

So grabbing up some cotton that I had laying around, I make my way to the back yard flip open the lounge chair plug in my iPod and I started experimenting with a hook. 

Crochet some, rip some out, start over, remeasure, another do - over...oh wait, I have some beads in here too. No that doesn't look right, rip that out - oh maybe I should measure... 

Most people would probably draw their design on paper first ...riiight!

Finally, after practically a whole day of messing around with nothing but ...I came up with a bag I am not embarrassed to wear in public!

Finished bag : 5x6 strap is long enough to cross over the body. Scalloped edge on the flap. Yarn Sublime Organic Cotton, worsted weight.

So now I have this cute little bag, just big enough for my wallet, keys if I must, emergency crackers and a small knitting project. = P

Pumped up on my success I decided...Oh heeyy   I can make another one in this crazy hand painted sock yarn I didn't know what to do with!!

Hmmm....not so much. I still don't know what to make with it. Well, mayhap I'll ponder that while I am on my way to Bushnell.

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